Research Projects – Analysis and Simulation

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Research Projects – Analysis and Simulation

Research Projects

Atra Technical Engineering and Research Company, based on years of experience in organizing training courses and consulting services related to specialized mechanical engineering software, as well as implementation of dozens of research and industrial projects, are ready to perform the research projects and analysis – simulating using powerful software packages such as Ansys, Fluent, Abaqus, Aspen, EES, Matlab, Fortran.

In recent years, competition for better and higher quality products is increasing day by day. In the meantime, simulation and modeling software packages have created a special place in the process of building many products. As we know, in recent years, many advances have been made in the field of computer hardware. This advances in processing power increase the efficiency of simulation softwares because the performance of this softwares is directly related to the hardware of the system. However, the commercialization of these softwares requires that the result of the analysis is always the output of the software, even in the case of inappropriate and misleading analysis. In other words, in the absence of scientific vision or experimental results, one can not trust the results of the softwares.

Research projects carried out by Atra Group

The following is a list of some of the industrial and research projects carried out by the Atra Technical Engineering and Research Company:

  • Design of oil exchanger (Oil Cooler) and Intercoolers of a Diesel Engine
  • Hydraulic and thermal simulation of the heat exchanger by Aspen software
  • Design and simulation of the combustion chamber of the Stirling engine by Fluent software
  • Mechanical simulation of the shaft by Ansys software
  • Hydraulic simulation of turbomachines (industrial centrifugal pumps) by Ansys Fluent, CFX
  • Design of butterflies, screws, diffusers of all kinds of centrifugal pumps by CF-Turbo software
  • Turbocharger and compressor turbine and compressor diffuser designed by CF-Turbo software
  • Thermal and fluid simulation of a diesel engine manifold

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