Moulding Core and Cavitiy – Preform

ساخت قالب تزریق پلاستیک

Moulding Core and Cavitiy – Preform

Moulding Core and Cavities are used in injection moulding producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould. This kind of moulding can be performed with very different materials like aluminum and magnesium alloys (die casting), thermoplastics, glasses and elastomers. Atra Company, based on the experience and knowledge of its experts, utilizes world class machines and specialized softwares in the field of design and reverse engineering, manufactures moulding core and cavities as follows;


Steps of work

The steps in the Atra mold manufacturing unit are as follows:

  • The initial design of the mold creates based on a sample part or a technical plan, by the design software.
  • If the goal is reverse engineering from an existing mold, reverse engineering process will be done.
  • The cost and the duration of the manufacturing of the mold according to the type of materials that must be used, are calculated and estimated.
  • The mold design is done in 3D softwares.
  • The prototype of the workpiece can be prepared before the manufacture of the mold with the use of 3D plastic printer technology to check the design of the workpiece and final approval.
  • Making of mold is done during the processes of turning, milling, heat treatment, grinding and electric discharge machining.
  • Testing and controlling the mold and work piece and delivering the final mold.

Die Casting Mold Cavity; for different kind of materials and alloys, like Aluminum and Magnesium alloys. This kind of cavities have a wide range of applications in different industries. Some of die casting applications are car components (like seatbelt parts, headlight parts, engine crankcase and torque converter parts), shell housings (like transmission case housing, electric motor housing) and heat exchanger parts (like inline heat exchangers and boiler components).

مدل دایکست آلومینیوم

Die casting mold cavities and parts

Injection Mold Cavity; such as different plastic parts cavities.

ساخت قالب تزریق پلاستیک
ساخت قالب تزریق
ساخت قالب تزریق
ساخت قالب تزریق پلاستیک

Injection mold cavities and parts

Blowing Molding

Blowing is used for plastic parts like bottles or other hollow shapes. The blow molding process normally uses a preform and compressed air, and through the preform hole, compressed air shapes the part.

مهندسی معکوس و ساخت انواع قالب (پت بطری)

Blowing molding for a mineral water bottle

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